About Us


Welcome to KJ3 Toys!  

We are a family owned and operated business.

My wife and I have 3 young, curious, and energetic boys so we know a little something about toys!

Having 3 young boys, we always struggled to keep the kids occupied and focused whenever we go out to eat at a restaurant, waiting in line at a store, behaving while we walk around the mall.  Any parent can tell you that it's challenging.    And in our digital world, you would love to find an alternative to just having them zone out on a smartphone or tablet.  It's probably not the best for their eyes as well as their brain.  

So when we stumbled upon these fidget toys, it was a revelation!  The kids just gravitated to these toys and instinctively started playing with them without any kind of instruction.  

They are small.  They are affordable so you can have lots of variety.  No 2 kids are alike so you can buy a bunch of different ones and just see what works.  They are pocket sized so you can carry them around wherever you go.  And the best part is, it keeps the kids occupied without killing your data plan.  

They keep your mind and dexterity in check.  Even for adults.  (I actually keep a few at my desk for me and my coworkers to play with whenever we need a break.) 

It's our mission to find the best of these toys and collect them here on this website for all to enjoy.  All products here are kid tested and approved.  

My wife and I both find this work incredibly rewarding and would love to do this full time one day.  

In our spare time, we love to spend time with each other, play, laugh, try new things, travel to new places and go on adventures.