Fidget Toys Gaining Popularity

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Fidget Toys Gaining Popularity

They've been popping up almost everywhere lately: on Facebook, on Instagram, in BuzzFeed articles, and even in classrooms. Fidget toys have been called "life changers" for some people, enabling them to pay attention in situations, feel calmer, and reduce their outbursts. According to CBS, "The Fidget Cube is the ninth-most funded project on Kickstarter, with creators raising nearly $6.5 million from backers. They say it’s designed to help you focus. Forbes even dubbed Fidget Spinners the must-have office toy for adults for 2017."

What Are Fidget Toys?

Fidget toys help children and adults with focus and attention. They have been called "self-regulation" toys that calm people down and allow them to actively listen. These toys come in all shapes and sizes, though they may be called different things. In the past, we have had stress balls, but these are more effective. They have moving parts that people can move around or "fidget" with, using the tactile input to calm them down. Some fidget toys are as simple a lever that one can push back and forth while others have parts that interconnect. It sometimes takes a few tries to get the "right" fidget toy.

Who Are Fidget Toys For?

It is easy for people to see that their child is restless at times, but it is harder to tell if they are restless at school. Often times, there are the children that don't do as well in classes, often get in trouble, or just can't sit still. For many of these children, they need more stimulation than just a lecture or sitting and listening to someone talk. Of course, fidget toys have been particularly helpful with autistic children. Even in adults, the same can be said - for adults whose minds just continue to go, fidget toys allow them to be more attentive.